Membership of the Association shall consist of:

  • Full  membership may be obtained by persons who are in receipt of an EUMETSAT pension, including early, survivor, reversion, orphan or invalidity pension, and  former staff members who have acquired deferred pension rights and who are not in active service at EUMETSAT anymore. 

  • The Pensioners' Committee shall decide whether to grant membership.
    Note: All but the founder members are obliged to apply for membership.

  • Associate Membership may be obtained by active EUMETSAT staff members who will become  EUMETSAT pensioners within the next twelve months. The membership procedure laid down in Charter Article 3(a) shall apply.

  • Honorary membership may be granted by the association, upon proposal of the Pensioners' Committee, to former EUMETSAT  staff members who are not in receipt of a EUMETSAT pension but subscribe to the Association’s objectives.

  • Only full members who have paid their annual contributions have voting rights.
  • Former staff members who have been discharged from EUMETSAT for disciplinary reasons cannot be members of the Association.

  • Membership ends with voluntary resignation, death or exclusion. A voluntary resignation shall be submitted in writing to a member of the Pensioners' Committee. A three-months' notice period applies, with the resignation becoming effective at the end of the calendar year. Exclusion from the Association can be effected by decision of the Pensioners' Committee in the case of failure to pay the annual contribution following the second dunning (reminder) letter or as a result of behaviour damaging to the association. The assembly of members may decide to exclude a member on the grounds of behaviour damaging to the Association if the member has grossly breached the interests of the Association. Before a decision is taken, the member shall be given the opportunity to justify his/her actions personally. Any position taken shall be read out in the assembly of members.

  •  The annual membership fee for:

    • Full members: former A-grade staff 25 € / former B-grade staff 12,50 €
    • Associated and honorary members: 12,50 €  
  •  For further information and more details on participation in meetings and voting rights please read the EPA Charter and the Implementing Rules.

  • If you wish to become a member, please complete the  EPA Membership Application Form (v3.1), sign it and send a scanned copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.